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SDSU: Making College a Reality

Compact for Success offers students attending Sweetwater Union High School District schools guaranteed admission to San Diego State University (SDSU) and helps them every step of the way through academic support and mentorship. In order to qualify for the guaranteed admission provision, students must meet five benchmarks: 
  • 1. Continuous enrollment in Sweetwater Union High School District schools through 12th grade;
  • 2. Maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher;
  • 3. Complete all CSU A-G course requirements:
    • A – 2 years of US History, Government/World History
    • B – 4 years of English (ELD 7-8 may apply)
    • C – 3 years, (4 recommended) – Algebra, Formal Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Math Analysis, Calculus
    • D – 2 years, (3 recommended) – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
    • E – 2 years, (3 recommended) – Foreign Language (same language)
    • F – 1 year of Visual and Performing Arts
    • G – 1 year College Prep Elective or additional year of any of the above (e.g., 4th year of math)
    4. Pass Math and English placement exams 
  • 5. Take ACT or SAT tests.
Download the "Road to Success" to help you follow and track your benchmarks.