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School Resource Officer

School resource officers (SROs) are members of the law enforcement community who teach, counsel, and protect the school community. They are trained in counseling and other skills that help them be effective in a school setting. When SROs are part of a school, the benefits go beyond reducing violence or situations in schools. SROs can help solve problems and serve as a resource to students, teachers, and administrators.

Due to budget constraints, there has been a shortage of available SROs at local schools. However, in partnership with Chula Vista Police Department, CVPN will have SROs at all CVPN catchment schools.

Among their various duties, CVPN SROs will:

  • Be present at all CVPN school campuses
  • Provide classroom and faculty presentations related to youth and the law
  • Attend parent conference and meetings when needed
  • Attend various sporting events and school activities
  • Coordinate problem-solving efforts with administrators, teachers, students, parents, mental health professionals, and community based stakeholders.
  • Build relationships with juvenile justice counselors connecting them with needed services, and recommending diversionary activities
  • Serve as liaison between school and police