Promise Neighborhoods support children from the minute they are born to college completion. In Chula Vista, schools are at the heart of its Promise Neighborhood, but opportunities extend beyond the school walls. It brings together parents, businesses, non-profits, hospitals and clinics – to name just a few. Together, these partners support children through a pipeline of services so they can grow up healthy, well educated and successful.

Developing A Plan: Learning about the community

During the planning process, South Bay Community Services with San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) – the San Diego region’s primary public planning, transportation and research agency –  conducted a detailed needs assessment analysis of the Castle Park neighborhood. This included unique community based door-to-door surveys. The information from this initial survey helped CVPromise partners develop programs to respond to the needs of the community. In April 2014, CVPromise and its partners will conduct a follow up detailed door-to-door survey for feedback on the first year of services. The information from this survey will help further develop CVPromise programs.